Guide to Choosing an Internet Service Provider


You have finally had it with your Internet service provider and now you want to find a new one, a better one. Perhaps, you have moved to a new place and are looking for the best ISP in your new location. Whatever your reason, finding a reliable, and good service provider is not an easy task. The stakes are high too. Most service providers force you to sign multi-year contracts. You do not want to enter into a contract only to find out a week later that your new ISP is terrible! The worst part is that there are still 2 years left on your contract. This guide will help you avoid such a sticky situation and find the right ISP for your home.

How Much Speed Do You Need?

Today, Internet connections start at a speed of 0.5Mbps and go all the way to 1Gbps speed. That’s a broad spectrum of speeds to choose from. The speed you need for your Internet connection depends largely on your Internet usage patterns. What do you use the Internet for? How many hours do you use it on a daily basis? How many Internet users are there in your home? These questions will help you understand your usage pattern.

If you use the Internet to browse occasionally, check mails, access your social media accounts, and do other stuff like that, you don’t need much speed. You can do all of that with an Internet connection of 0.5 to 2Mbps speed. Anything in the range of 3Mbps will allow you to enjoy DVD quality videos over the Internet. This is the minimum speed you need if you love watching videos on the Internet. At this speed, you can also download music and images in less than a minute. You can browse all you want, and you wouldn’t notice any speed lags for the most part.

Heavy Internet users, who primarily depend on the Internet for most of their entertainment, require a speed of at least 5Mbps. This speed allows you to watch videos in high definition without facing any buffering issues. You can download documents, presentations, music, and images in seconds. At 7Mbps or higher, you will be able to stream online videos in pure 4K resolution. If you are a Netflix user, then you will know how amazing it is to watch 4K videos. If you want to be able to do that on a daily basis, then you need a minimum of 7Mbps speed.

Now, here is the thing. All of these speeds are typical for an average Internet user. If you have more people, and more Internet-connected devices, then you will need a higher speed. For an average American family of four, with at least one Internet-enabled device per member, the minimum Internet speed required would be in the range of 30+ Mbps.


What Type of Connections Can I Get?

Depending on your location, there could be multiple types of Internet services and multiple players in the market. They could be competing against each other to offer you an excellent service at the best prices, or there could be just one that charges obscene amounts of money for a limited Internet connection. The slowest and oldest technology is the Dial-up. It is probably dead, and you will hardly find a Dial-up Internet service in the US. So, let’s skip it. The next faster technology is the DSL or Digital Subscriber Line technology. In this case, the Internet is delivered over the existing landline phone lines. Because these lines were not built for the Internet, they can only support a limited traffic load, typically up to 10-25Mbps. Admittedly, DSL connections are slower, but because of the near-omnipresence of phone lines, you can find them virtually anywhere.

If you want higher speeds than DSL, then you go for cable connections. The cables, quite like DSL lines, are not built for carrying the Internet, but for the transmission of TV signals. However, they have a much higher transmission capacity than phone lines. Therefore, they can support up to 100Mbps of Internet speeds.

Cable connections can be generally found in all areas where there is cable infrastructure. If you wish to enjoy still higher speeds, then there is only one option for you – fiber optic cable. This is the latest technology when it comes to Internet connectivity, and can offer incredibly high speeds reaching up to 1Gbps. However, the technology is yet to expand across the country, and is presently available in a handful of cities. As the speeds increase, so does the pricing of these services.

If none of these options are available to you, then you still have one final option left – satellite Internet. This is by far the most expensive option. You should go with it only when you are absolutely sure that there is no alternative for you.

It usually offers speeds less than 25Mbps, and comes with low data caps. This means that you cannot use this Internet connection as an entertainment source, or you will run your Internet bill into hundreds of dollars pretty soon.

What Factors Should I Consider to Evaluate Different ISPs?

If you want the best of service, you should compare the various ISPs in your region on multiple factors. Here are some of the most important factors that you should consider:

1. Speed

Every plan from ISPs clearly mentions the upload speeds and download speeds of that plan. Download speeds are generally higher than the upload speeds, because most of us do a lot more downloading than uploading. However, if you stream your video games, or regularly upload videos, then you will need high upload speeds as well.

2. Speed could be Relative

DSL connections give you dedicated connection lines, while your cable or fiber optic connection is connected to the same network that is connected to other consumers in your area. For this reason, your cable and fiber optic connection speeds will also depend on the Internet usage of other people in your neighborhood. On the other hand, DSL and satellite connections offer fairly regular speeds.

3. Data Caps

ISPs, typically offer high speed Internet connections with data caps. This means you can use the Internet at high speeds until your monthly usage hits an upper mark. After that, your Internet connection is reduced to drastically slower speeds. If your Internet usage is high, you should rather go with an ISP that offers Internet plans with no data caps.


AT&T U-verse Deals Offer The Best Of Everything

When you are looking for quality home services, AT&T U-verse has the home services and the monthly rate that can satisfy the needs of your household and your wallet. Prefer AT&T for great home programming, home internet and home phone service. Just click here for details about the latest AT&T U-verse Package Deals.

With AT&T, you are able to choose the home phone package you want. Pick a minimal service that gives you 250 minutes a month if you don’t need a heavy duty calling service. You can get the U-verse 250 package for calling within the US and United States territories. If you need an unlimited service that can keep up with all of your calling needs, you can get the U-verse Voice Unlimited package, with unlimited local and long distance calling. You can enjoy this package with all of the calling features that only AT&T can provide. These calling features include Caller ID on the TV, Call Screening, Click to Call, Call History, Locate Me and Call Transfer.

Caller ID on the TV puts caller information on the television screen so that you know who is calling. It will also give you notifications on Voice Mail, right from your TV screen, when you have new messages. Call Screening provides an easy way for you to see who is calling before you pick up the phone. Click to Call allows you to make calls on your television using your remote. You can check your Call History from your television, also.

If you would rather communicate online, you can take advantage of the great rates and high speeds you can get with AT&T. The internet packages that AT&T has to offer can give you a little speed for a little use or a lot of speed for avid users that like MMORPG games and other online activities that require a lot of speed.

AT&T can offer up to five different internet packages with five different speeds. You can choose the lightest package with 3 Mbps or choose the 6 Mbps you can get with the Elite package. The Max package can offer as much as 12 Mbps and the Max Plus package can give you as much as 18 Mbps. If you really need a lot of speed you can have the Max Turbo package with up to 24 Mbps. This is the right package for online communications, playing MMORPG games, streaming HD content and streaming or downloading your favorite music.

These services come complete with internet security that can protect your device from online threats like spyware, viruses and adware. It will also protect your personal information against hackers and phishers. AT&T also provides Parental Controls for your children so that you know they are only on the sites you approve of.

As your provide, AT&T can also give you a choice of programming packages you can use to entertain and educate yourself and your family at home. With AT&T, you can choose the U-family with as much as 130 channels. Or, you can have the U200 package with as much as 270 channels. If your family needs more, you can choose from the U300 package, with more than 350 channels or the U450 package with as much as 450 channels.

These channel packages can be enjoyed with the Total Home DVR, a system that allows you to watch the programming you want from any room in the house. You can use it to record a show while you watch another show. You can start it in one room and pause it to pick it back up in another room. You can also use the My Multiview feature to watch as many as four shows at one time. The best part about your package is that it can be more wireless than the services that other providers can offer. With the Wireless Receiver, you don’t need boxes and additional cable to get services. You don’t have to situate your room around the cable connection.

All of these services are available through bundled service packages that provide monthly discounts as well as convenient online bill pay services. Bundles help you save time and money on home entertainment and communications.

Have You Seen The Latest Charter Cable Deals?

The best home services are ones that do not get in your way for one reason or another.  Too many service providers do not offer the necessary efficiency for having a fluid online experience, do not have clear phone quality, or have television that is difficult to access and maneuver.  With Charter Cable Deals you can finally enjoy watching Charter Cable TV whenever you want, accessing Charter Internet at any time or place in your house you please, and can use Charter Phone In-State at your leisure without any overages!

Just a few benefits of what Charter Cable Deals can do for your household, each of these services come with tons of features and extras to guarantee the best home entertainment of the century!

Perfect for individuals of all ages, Charter TV has so many options that literally everyone’s interests will be met.  With hundreds and hundreds of channels your kids will love the countless educational networks, and parents can feel at ease knowing their children are actually supplementing their education while being happily entertained.

Loads of other channels focus on specific topics with anything from channels dedicated to individual sports to a massive variety of news networks, music networks, sitcoms, movies, and more! Not everyone will always be able to watch what they want to live, but with the freely incorporated DVR you can now record anything, including HD selections, and save it in a database to access whenever you like.  Nobody has to miss anything they want to watch on live television ever again, guaranteeing a happy household by everyone’s standards.

Premium channels are included for movies and shows as well as for series and other exciting television events.  Charter Communications On Demand offers thousands of selections to be watched instantly whenever you like for exciting movies and series.  Get On Demand in HD and enjoy well over 900 of the most stunning visuals you have ever witnessed on television!

Parental controls make for an easy way to enforce all of your viewing rules upon your children without fail, 24/7, so that they never are exposed to what you do not want them to see.  Easy to set up, these controls are included free!

DSL is extremely slow when put next to Charter Internet online service.  This cable service allocation has more broadband than you could hope for which lets many people surf simultaneously without ever overloading your internet.  Enjoy discovering new videos to stream, watching your favorite shows online, watching movies, playing graphically advanced video games, and so much more without worrying if others are online to slow you down.

Charter Communications Internet’s insane speeds will never be compromised as you wander throughout your house thanks to an unyielding wireless connection that will remain as strong in the furthest corner as it is next to the router.  Enjoy relaxing in your bed before you go to sleep with any online activity of your choice, only made possible from Charter Internet!

If you are a sports fan then you will appreciate that Charter Internet incorporates FREE access to, the best source for live sports events in the world.  Whether you want to catch the world cup or an obscure tae kwon do match, enjoy it live and in high quality with this awesome resource.

Have you ever wanted to completely ignore all of the many telemarketers that plague your home phone?  With Charter Phone Unlimited you can do just that with the most advanced calling features like call waiting with caller ID, caller ID throughout your house, call screening, anonymous call rejection, and selective call acceptance.  Never so much as think about telemarketers again and enjoy your home phone for the first time in a long time.

With Charter Phone you also get amazing features that link your phone to the internet like the ability to check your voicemail online via email! You can even have any call you want forwarded to any number you want with call forwarding selective and variable. Do not miss that emergency call you are waiting for just because you are not home to pick up the phone with these and other amazing features only available from Charter Phone!

Some households dream of the day they can make phone calls without restrictions while other experience it as a reality.  Charter Phone Unlimited lets you make any call you want, local or long-distance, without you having extra charges tacked onto your phone bill.  The freedom to fit calling into your schedule is now yours with 24/7 calling access and no restrictions on how much your phone line is used!

This deal from Charter Communications is incredibly affordable, especially when you mix and match these services.  Whether you want all of them or just a couple, the choice is always yours because unlike other companies the customer always comes first!  Order your Charter package online now for the best savings opportunity.

Time Warner Cable Packages Are Incredible!

Time Warner Cable can provide for all of your home’s programming, online and digital home phone service. This provider has all the newest features, like On Demand and WiFi. You can make unlimited calls and never pay more than you agreed to. Time Warner Cable Deals allow you to stay within your monthly budget while enjoying everything this provider has to offer.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV has a large selection of FREE HD channels to choose from. You can watch the game, or that movie you have been anticipating in vivid color and detail, without paying more.  TWC offers great entertainment for everyone in the family.

With Time Warner Cable, no matter what schedule you are on, you can get the shows you want, when you want them. Time Warner Cable Digital TV offers a large selection of On Demand programming, with more than 10,000 choices that are available 24/7.

On Demand offers more availability for those that work or go to school on untraditional schedules. Viewers can turn to the On Demand menu and get instant access to music videos, popular network programs, children’s shows and newly released movies. You can even watch premium movie channels On Demand, if you subscribe to them. If you subscribe to channels like HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax, you can catch what you missed while you are away.

On Demand can also give you instant access to all the latest Hollywood releases. You don’t have to worry about late fees and getting rentals. All you have to do is push a button to enjoy your newly released movies.

Another way to get the shows you really want to see is with your Time Warner Cable Digital TV DVR or HD-DVR. These devices can make your life easier because you don’t have to rush home to watch your show, or work your schedule in around them. Just record standard definition programming with your DVR, or standard and high definition with your HD-DVR, and your shows are there when you are ready to watch them.

The DVR and HD-DVR have other benefits, like the functions that allow you to rewind, pause and fast forward through your recorded programming. These functions are also available for the programming you find On Demand, through the DVR, so you can watch your shows at your leisure, with instant replays and the ability to pause and fast forward when you like.

The DVR also has Parental Controls that keep young minds on the programming you want them to see. You don’t have to worry about what they are watching, even when you are not home.

When its time for you to surf the web, you can get online fast with Time Warner Cable Internet services. Time Warner Cable Internet can give you the speed you need to download your HD movies and online games in seconds. You can choose the Time Warner Cable Internet with PowerBoost, or the Time Warner Cable Internet Turbo service, to get the service that best meets the needs of your family. You can even choose to go wireless, so you can surf on the compatible device of your choice.

Surfing, networking and downloading from the net can be dangerous with all the viruses, spyware and popups that are out there, but with Time Warner Cable Internet, you get additional safety for free. This free security software can help safeguard your information to help protect against Identity Theft and other forms of fraud, as well as blocking malicious online threats.

Time Warner Cable Internet also provides free online Parental Controls that will block bad content while allowing your children to surf and network where you want them. These Controls can also help you keep tabs on who your children are networking with.

Time Warner Cable Home Phone service can also help you stay in touch with your friends and family in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. You don’t have to stay under a certain amount of minutes, or remember to buy calling cards. Just sign up for this service and you can start your unlimited local and long distance calling for one set, low monthly rate.

This monthly rate also includes up to ten digital calling features. These features include Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Three Way Calling and more, to get your manage your calls on a busy schedule. You don’t have to pay extra to get extra with Time Warner Cable.

These services and features make it easy for you to entertain and stay in touch at home. When you get all three of these services with Time Warner Cable, you can get a bundled service package, with bundled discounts. Bundles make it cheaper and easier to get the services you need.