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The television series Snapped is an American true crime show but it is British narrated. It is produced by Jupiter Entertainment and airs on the Oxygen Network. The series debuted on August 6th of 2004. In the year 2015 Snapped is at its thirteenth season.

Snapped delves into the lives of real women who either attempted to commit murder or successfully did so. The most common victims of these women are their romantic partners and spouses. The series is non-fiction and edited with the tone and narration of a documentary. Sharon Martin acts as the central narrator throughout Snapped. Interviews are conducted with real people such as journalists, law- enforcement officials, lawyers, and any other individuals possessing pertinent knowledge or information about the case. Often times the friends and family of the accused and the victims appear on Snapped, occasionally even the women behind bars.

The Pilot Episode setting the stage for the rest of the series was “Celeste Beard Johnson.” 32-year-old Celeste, mother of two, was at the height of her life after hitting the jackpot and then going from housekeeper to wife of her employer Steven Beard. On October 2 1992 everything came to a screeching halt when Celeste’s 75-year-old millionaire husband was shot in his bedroom. The ending verdict was that Celeste had convinced her lesbian best friend Tracey Tarlton to murder her husband. Celeste was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. gives Snapped 7.5/10 stars and IMDb gives it 8.2/10 stars. Most reviews are pretty positive regarding the show and it has a fairly large audience of people who enjoy the entertainment which Snapped provides. Reviews also warn about the graphic photos and explicit and disturbing content sometimes included in the series. It often deals with matters of substance abuse, rape, domestic abuse, and, obviously, murder, so it is not suitable material for children. If you are an adult who can enjoy the suspense and plot twists the series provides and stomach the dark reality of it then it is generally an enjoyable T.V. series. Those who follow the series faithfully are intrigued by the realistic values it holds and the aspect of following female murderers, which are not as frequently depicted on television as men.

Critics argue that Snapped is, on the contrary, oversimplified because it is only 30 minutes long each episode, and also superficial. They explain that if anything the series is exploitative and painful; that it underlines the shocking violent aspect of the crimes rather than opening up an intelligent discussion for why they were committed in the first place. In this way Snapped more serves as dramatic entertainment based on real, terrible, and incredibly complicated events. Other critics also discuss the high rate of reenactment, making it uninteresting after a short period of time. The series still retains plenty of followers who are faithful to the show and vouch for how much they enjoy it, calling it a “no miss.” There are a lot of reality TV crime shows available such as Snapped, and they are generally well- received by the public. You can find other great entertainment options at