Guide to Choosing an Internet Service Provider


You have finally had it with your Internet service provider and now you want to find a new one, a better one. Perhaps, you have moved to a new place and are looking for the best ISP in your new location. Whatever your reason, finding a reliable, and good service provider is not an easy task. The stakes are high too. Most service providers force you to sign multi-year contracts. You do not want to enter into a contract only to find out a week later that your new ISP is terrible! The worst part is that there are still 2 years left on your contract. This guide will help you avoid such a sticky situation and find the right ISP for your home.

How Much Speed Do You Need?

Today, Internet connections start at a speed of 0.5Mbps and go all the way to 1Gbps speed. That’s a broad spectrum of speeds to choose from. The speed you need for your Internet connection depends largely on your Internet usage patterns. What do you use the Internet for? How many hours do you use it on a daily basis? How many Internet users are there in your home? These questions will help you understand your usage pattern.

If you use the Internet to browse occasionally, check mails, access your social media accounts, and do other stuff like that, you don’t need much speed. You can do all of that with an Internet connection of 0.5 to 2Mbps speed. Anything in the range of 3Mbps will allow you to enjoy DVD quality videos over the Internet. This is the minimum speed you need if you love watching videos on the Internet. At this speed, you can also download music and images in less than a minute. You can browse all you want, and you wouldn’t notice any speed lags for the most part.

Heavy Internet users, who primarily depend on the Internet for most of their entertainment, require a speed of at least 5Mbps. This speed allows you to watch videos in high definition without facing any buffering issues. You can download documents, presentations, music, and images in seconds. At 7Mbps or higher, you will be able to stream online videos in pure 4K resolution. If you are a Netflix user, then you will know how amazing it is to watch 4K videos. If you want to be able to do that on a daily basis, then you need a minimum of 7Mbps speed.

Now, here is the thing. All of these speeds are typical for an average Internet user. If you have more people, and more Internet-connected devices, then you will need a higher speed. For an average American family of four, with at least one Internet-enabled device per member, the minimum Internet speed required would be in the range of 30+ Mbps.


What Type of Connections Can I Get?

Depending on your location, there could be multiple types of Internet services and multiple players in the market. They could be competing against each other to offer you an excellent service at the best prices, or there could be just one that charges obscene amounts of money for a limited Internet connection. The slowest and oldest technology is the Dial-up. It is probably dead, and you will hardly find a Dial-up Internet service in the US. So, let’s skip it. The next faster technology is the DSL or Digital Subscriber Line technology. In this case, the Internet is delivered over the existing landline phone lines. Because these lines were not built for the Internet, they can only support a limited traffic load, typically up to 10-25Mbps. Admittedly, DSL connections are slower, but because of the near-omnipresence of phone lines, you can find them virtually anywhere.

If you want higher speeds than DSL, then you go for cable connections. The cables, quite like DSL lines, are not built for carrying the Internet, but for the transmission of TV signals. However, they have a much higher transmission capacity than phone lines. Therefore, they can support up to 100Mbps of Internet speeds.

Cable connections can be generally found in all areas where there is cable infrastructure. If you wish to enjoy still higher speeds, then there is only one option for you – fiber optic cable. This is the latest technology when it comes to Internet connectivity, and can offer incredibly high speeds reaching up to 1Gbps. However, the technology is yet to expand across the country, and is presently available in a handful of cities. As the speeds increase, so does the pricing of these services.

If none of these options are available to you, then you still have one final option left – satellite Internet. This is by far the most expensive option. You should go with it only when you are absolutely sure that there is no alternative for you.

It usually offers speeds less than 25Mbps, and comes with low data caps. This means that you cannot use this Internet connection as an entertainment source, or you will run your Internet bill into hundreds of dollars pretty soon.

What Factors Should I Consider to Evaluate Different ISPs?

If you want the best of service, you should compare the various ISPs in your region on multiple factors. Here are some of the most important factors that you should consider:

1. Speed

Every plan from ISPs clearly mentions the upload speeds and download speeds of that plan. Download speeds are generally higher than the upload speeds, because most of us do a lot more downloading than uploading. However, if you stream your video games, or regularly upload videos, then you will need high upload speeds as well.

2. Speed could be Relative

DSL connections give you dedicated connection lines, while your cable or fiber optic connection is connected to the same network that is connected to other consumers in your area. For this reason, your cable and fiber optic connection speeds will also depend on the Internet usage of other people in your neighborhood. On the other hand, DSL and satellite connections offer fairly regular speeds.

3. Data Caps

ISPs, typically offer high speed Internet connections with data caps. This means you can use the Internet at high speeds until your monthly usage hits an upper mark. After that, your Internet connection is reduced to drastically slower speeds. If your Internet usage is high, you should rather go with an ISP that offers Internet plans with no data caps.


Snapped Infographic



The television series Snapped is an American true crime show but it is British narrated. It is produced by Jupiter Entertainment and airs on the Oxygen Network. The series debuted on August 6th of 2004. In the year 2015 Snapped is at its thirteenth season.

Snapped delves into the lives of real women who either attempted to commit murder or successfully did so. The most common victims of these women are their romantic partners and spouses. The series is non-fiction and edited with the tone and narration of a documentary. Sharon Martin acts as the central narrator throughout Snapped. Interviews are conducted with real people such as journalists, law- enforcement officials, lawyers, and any other individuals possessing pertinent knowledge or information about the case. Often times the friends and family of the accused and the victims appear on Snapped, occasionally even the women behind bars.

The Pilot Episode setting the stage for the rest of the series was “Celeste Beard Johnson.” 32-year-old Celeste, mother of two, was at the height of her life after hitting the jackpot and then going from housekeeper to wife of her employer Steven Beard. On October 2 1992 everything came to a screeching halt when Celeste’s 75-year-old millionaire husband was shot in his bedroom. The ending verdict was that Celeste had convinced her lesbian best friend Tracey Tarlton to murder her husband. Celeste was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. gives Snapped 7.5/10 stars and IMDb gives it 8.2/10 stars. Most reviews are pretty positive regarding the show and it has a fairly large audience of people who enjoy the entertainment which Snapped provides. Reviews also warn about the graphic photos and explicit and disturbing content sometimes included in the series. It often deals with matters of substance abuse, rape, domestic abuse, and, obviously, murder, so it is not suitable material for children. If you are an adult who can enjoy the suspense and plot twists the series provides and stomach the dark reality of it then it is generally an enjoyable T.V. series. Those who follow the series faithfully are intrigued by the realistic values it holds and the aspect of following female murderers, which are not as frequently depicted on television as men.

Critics argue that Snapped is, on the contrary, oversimplified because it is only 30 minutes long each episode, and also superficial. They explain that if anything the series is exploitative and painful; that it underlines the shocking violent aspect of the crimes rather than opening up an intelligent discussion for why they were committed in the first place. In this way Snapped more serves as dramatic entertainment based on real, terrible, and incredibly complicated events. Other critics also discuss the high rate of reenactment, making it uninteresting after a short period of time. The series still retains plenty of followers who are faithful to the show and vouch for how much they enjoy it, calling it a “no miss.” There are a lot of reality TV crime shows available such as Snapped, and they are generally well- received by the public. You can find other great entertainment options at








Will The Walking Dead Jump the Shark–Er, Tiger?


Although The Walking Dead is based on a comic book series of the same name, the TV show doesn’t always stick to the comic book’s canon. The TV show has included new characters that were never in the comics; they have extended character’s lives well beyond their original deaths; and they have even swapped character deaths or storylines.

However, the TV show does include most of the basic steps of the comic book, although not always in the right order or in the exact same way. That is why many fans are wondering just how true to the comics the show will stay once it enters into the ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Saviors’ subplot. In the comic book, “The Kingdom” and “The Saviors” are two rival groups. The Saviors are led by a cruel man named Negan, while the Kingdom is led by an eccentric man named Ezekiel.walking-dead-image5

You might be thinking that fans are wondering whether or not the show will decide to tackle the concept of two large groups engaging in what is essentially a dramatic turf war—but that is not why comic book fans are wondering if the show will really “go there.”

The reason that fans wonder how true to the comics the show will stick for this storyline is because of one very specific character: Shiva. Shiva is the special companion of Ezekiel—and she just so happens to be a tiger. Before the outbreak of the virus, Ezekiel was a zookeeper who began an unlikely friendship with Shiva after she swiped at his stomach, causing him to bleed; although Ezekiel was supposed to report any aggressive behavior to his superiors, since aggressive zoo animals had to be put down, he did not report her and Shiva’s life was spared. After the outbreak, he rescued Shiva from the zoo and she has been his companion ever since. Shiva remains docile unless Ezekiel orders her to be aggressive, and she frequently protects Ezekiel from walkers and humans.

The introduction of a man with a docile pet tiger who repays his good deed is something that even a popular show like The Walking Dead may not be able to get away with. Aside from the fact that the show runners are probably not keen on the idea of having to get a tiger for any scenes, the inclusion of such an outlandish detail would be too over the top—even for a show with zombies.

Hopefully, you will be able to watch The Walking Dead on a new TV streaming service very soon.




Underrated TV Shows Based on Kid’s Books

Let’s face it: the quality of children’s programming is not always up to a high standard. While TV entertainment doesn’t need to be 100% educational or worthwhile, I think it’s safe to say that most parents or adults would prefer it if our children (or younger relatives) would watch TV programming that is at least appropriate for them—and if it gets them interested in new ideas and hobbies, that’s a great bonus!

It’s not unusual for children’s TV shows to be based on books. After all, that is one of the easiest ways for producers to get source material for new series or new episodes. But which TV shows for children based on books have you probably been overlooking? Let’s look at some underrated, but completely worthwhile, TV shows based on a kid’s book series.

gnomeDavid the Gnome

David the Gnome, which was based on a children’s book called “The Secret Book of Gnomes,” originally aired in Spain. It was later aired in English speaking countries. The show focused on (as you might expect!) a gnome called David, who lived with his fellow gnomes in the countryside. In this series, gnomes are being harassed by trolls and the increasing presence of humans, who leave behind trash and change the ecosystem of the forests, gardens and farms on which gnomes live. The show had a great environmental message without being too heavy-handed, and children will no doubt grow to love David, the wise and loveable gnome.

The Worst Witchworstwitch

Some readers might be familiar with the quirky, out there 80s movie which starred Fairuza Balk, Charlotte Rae, and Tim Curry.  Both the TV series and that 80s movie were based on the same source material: “The Worst Witch” by Jill Murphy.

The Worst Witch was actually a book series which had, at the time of the TV show’s airing, four books: The Worst Witch, The Worst Witch Strikes Again, A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch, and The Worst Witch at Sea.

The TV series often took storylines from these charming books, which center on Mildred Hubble, a well-meaning but bumbling witch at Cackle’s Academy for Witchcraft. Children may love to identify with Mildred, who—despite all her efforts at school—still seems to mess things up! The TV series is well-made, fairly well acted, and will be a delight for children.

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AT&T U-verse Deals Offer The Best Of Everything

When you are looking for quality home services, AT&T U-verse has the home services and the monthly rate that can satisfy the needs of your household and your wallet. Prefer AT&T for great home programming, home internet and home phone service. Just click here for details about the latest AT&T U-verse Package Deals.

With AT&T, you are able to choose the home phone package you want. Pick a minimal service that gives you 250 minutes a month if you don’t need a heavy duty calling service. You can get the U-verse 250 package for calling within the US and United States territories. If you need an unlimited service that can keep up with all of your calling needs, you can get the U-verse Voice Unlimited package, with unlimited local and long distance calling. You can enjoy this package with all of the calling features that only AT&T can provide. These calling features include Caller ID on the TV, Call Screening, Click to Call, Call History, Locate Me and Call Transfer.

Caller ID on the TV puts caller information on the television screen so that you know who is calling. It will also give you notifications on Voice Mail, right from your TV screen, when you have new messages. Call Screening provides an easy way for you to see who is calling before you pick up the phone. Click to Call allows you to make calls on your television using your remote. You can check your Call History from your television, also.

If you would rather communicate online, you can take advantage of the great rates and high speeds you can get with AT&T. The internet packages that AT&T has to offer can give you a little speed for a little use or a lot of speed for avid users that like MMORPG games and other online activities that require a lot of speed.

AT&T can offer up to five different internet packages with five different speeds. You can choose the lightest package with 3 Mbps or choose the 6 Mbps you can get with the Elite package. The Max package can offer as much as 12 Mbps and the Max Plus package can give you as much as 18 Mbps. If you really need a lot of speed you can have the Max Turbo package with up to 24 Mbps. This is the right package for online communications, playing MMORPG games, streaming HD content and streaming or downloading your favorite music.

These services come complete with internet security that can protect your device from online threats like spyware, viruses and adware. It will also protect your personal information against hackers and phishers. AT&T also provides Parental Controls for your children so that you know they are only on the sites you approve of.

As your provide, AT&T can also give you a choice of programming packages you can use to entertain and educate yourself and your family at home. With AT&T, you can choose the U-family with as much as 130 channels. Or, you can have the U200 package with as much as 270 channels. If your family needs more, you can choose from the U300 package, with more than 350 channels or the U450 package with as much as 450 channels.

These channel packages can be enjoyed with the Total Home DVR, a system that allows you to watch the programming you want from any room in the house. You can use it to record a show while you watch another show. You can start it in one room and pause it to pick it back up in another room. You can also use the My Multiview feature to watch as many as four shows at one time. The best part about your package is that it can be more wireless than the services that other providers can offer. With the Wireless Receiver, you don’t need boxes and additional cable to get services. You don’t have to situate your room around the cable connection.

All of these services are available through bundled service packages that provide monthly discounts as well as convenient online bill pay services. Bundles help you save time and money on home entertainment and communications.

Dish Network Offers Lots Of Variety

They say good things are not free, and even if they are not; they do not come cheap. Take the Apple IPhone as an example. While being lauded as one of the best phones out there, the price tag slapped onto it is enough to deter most people away. However this is not a very good example because we are going to make an exception for our first

High definition television (HDTV) is more of a necessity rather than a luxury at such a technologically advanced era. Televisions and broadcasted programs and channels are all shown in high definition with intricate details. They used to come at a premium price; but thankfully this is not the case now because we have special deals dished out from Dish Network Satellite TV.

Dish Network offers a wide range of satellite TV packages. There is a package for the bachelor sports lover, for the homely family person and also for the frequent movie goer. Below is a summary of a few of the satellite HDTV packages provided by Dish Network:

  • Smart Pack – Over 190 channels of family entertainment
  • America’s Top 120, 200 and 250 – An assortment of packages registered for entertainment lover, sports enthusiast, movie lover or the value for money chaser.
  • Everything Pack – The name speaks for itself. Over 300 channels of everything you can possibly wish for on television are aired right in front of you.

These packages are all very lucrative and attractive. They are all HDTV and best of all; they present value for money. The movie lovers can enjoy all the latest movies they want without having to frequent movie theatres. Sports fans can enjoy their games and the fanfare without having to shell out extra money to attend the game.

Besides these packages, Dish Network also offers a digital video recorder (DVR) system known as the Dish Hopper. The Hopper allows you to record over 2000 hours of your favourite shows for your convenience and viewing pleasure. You can also stream a wide base of movies on your Television with just a button pushes on your remote. Best of all, it enables access to primetime television from broadcasting giants such as CBS and

One can only wonder: How can someone turn down such an offer? With sporting channels such as ESPN to cover your NBA, NFL and MLB desires and HBO, Cinemax for the movie lovers; it definitely is an offer not to be missed.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

startrektngMy favorite TV series of all time is Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG).  It was a big deal before it came out.  I had been a Trekker for years at that point and people were talking about this new series that was coming out, all in the wake of the theatrical films’ success and public desire to see some more Trek on the small screen.

And this was before the internet that there was buzz about this show.  It’s pretty incredible looking back because it seems like that isn’t possible.  But I remember a lot of people were talking about it.  It was going to be the next big thing and while it struggled in the first two seasons, once this show “got its legs” it was unstoppable.

TNG is the highest rated syndicated television program of all time.  It spun off three more Star Trek series and four feature films.  What other show can lay claim to such numbers?  None.  People will consider The Original Series (TOS) to be the father of Trek and of course it is but it was really TNG that cemented Trek as one of the biggest, if not the biggest Sci-Fi franchise of them all.

Continuing the adventures of The U.S.S Enterprise, TNG kicks off almost a century later, where Klingons are allies, the Enterprise crew includes full families, and new and more varied aliens races are discovered and terrible wars are fought.  TNG is everything TOS was, space exploration, great character development, deeper discovery of the galaxy, and so much

TNG took all that worked in TOS and expanded and more thoroughly explored what it means to be human in a universe of stars and races of beings that defy explanation.  They meet Q, a race of Godlike beings capable of anything and everything above and beyond human thought.

They encountered new alien races like the Borg, a cybernetic hive mind race of frightening creatures hell bent on capturing and assimilating any and all people they encounter.  One of the best films in the series, First Contact, has the Borg as the central villain.

The Romulans, first seen in TOS, become the main villain from TNG and these evil offshoot of the Vulcans give Captain Picard and crew all they can handle and more.  This evolution of them and the Klingons, how each race grows and develops further is just one aspect of TNG that took something that started with TOS and was expanded into deeper territory.

At 178 episodes, TNG crushed TOS output of a mere 80 (counting the original pilot, which many fans do not).  Yes, TOS laid the groundwork and built the world, but without the scale and scope of TNG, Star Trek would simple not be the venerable franchise it is today.


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Comcast Cable Is A Top Provider

Are you searching everywhere for the right cable TV provider? Are you spending way too much already? With all those providers out there, they all seem to blend together and you can get sick of staring at the computer screen or talking to a recorded voice. When you first start looking, you can be completely ready and full steam ahead, by the time you are done, you can feel tired like you have worked all day. Why you are feeling like that, is because it’s work to have to sit there and find someone that’s perfect for your family while still being affordable.

Stop stressing, you found the perfect one for your family, and yes, it’s affordable. The cable TV provider is called Comcast. Find details about Comcast Xfinity Promotional Offers right here.

Looking For Something?

What’s one thing you’re looking for in a Cable TV provider? Home programming right? Correction, affordable home programming. Comcast’s got that! They have everything you want and need, plus some thing others don’t have, all for an affordable family-friendly

Let’s start with the channels. They give you hundreds of standard digital channels plus free HD channels. They even offer you sports and movie premiums. Comcast even gives you features like On Demand and Pay Per View. On Demand will offer you thousands of movies and shows, some movies are there the day they are released on DVD. Then Pay Per View will give you all of the sports and other events live and some in HD! If that is still not enough for you, try getting the DVR or HD-DVR. This allows you to record all of your shows on one of the hundreds of channels you watch, then you can rewind, pause and fast forward through them so you don’t have to miss anything when the phone rings. The rewind, fast forward and pause functions can also be used on the Pay Per View and On Demand menus.

To help make this service family-friendly, Comcast Xfinity also gives you Parental Controls. This allows you to block channels and shows so you don’t have to worry about the young ones. Get what you want and keep them away from inappropriate material.

Mobile Blues?

Comcast doesn’t just offer you home programming. They also give you home phone service. This service gets rid of those mobile blues from all the expensive plans and counting minutes.

To start you off, they offer you unlimited local and long distance calling. This makes your friends and family seem a bit closer. They will also give you free features with this service that help make you life a little easier. One of the features they offer is digital voice mail. Although, on the days you are traveling, try the inbox notifications. This allows you to listen, forward or delete all your messages straight from your email. So no matter where you are, you can always get the messages you need.

To add onto all of these great features and service s, Comcast will even provide you with International calling. With all this, you still get the digital call quality you want and need to hear every word.

comcast-image2Love Your Internet!

Comcast really does give it all. To put a bow on top of all this, they even offer you internet. With this, they even give you 100 Mbps to get you going on the fast track. This kind of speed is perfect for streaming from multiple sites, download and upload in seconds and play your games with no lag. You can have sonic speed at your fingertips. You can even get broadband WiFi with that speed too. The WiFi allows you to connect to the internet from many different wireless devices at once.

Comcast tries to make sure their services are always family-friendly. To keep that going, they offer you Parental Controls. This allows you to block sites, look at online chat logs and see what they are doing online. Your computer is important too, protect it with the security software Comcast Cable provides you. This feature blocks all online threats including hackers.

Bundled Conclusion

Comcast Cable is the perfect provider for you and your family. To help you out even more, they offer you Bundled service packages. These entertainment and communication packages allow you to roll all three of your services in one convenient low monthly bill. They help you out even further by letting you pay your bill online and by giving you a monthly discount.

Try Comcast Cable today and see what they can offer you.


Cable Television Package Deals Save You Cash

Just what can it take to currently have a high quality viewing experience in your home? With the appropriate service provider, you are able to inexpensively have the type of high quality viewing experience you need.

Cable companies offer numerous diverse programming packages which could come with free HD, tons of films and sports plus sufficient kid’s programming for every child at home. These programming packages may continue to be family-friendly simply because of the Parental Controls that you are able to use to block television shows and entire channels.

These kinds of Parental Controls include the HD-DVR or DVR the supplier may give you so that they block the recorded programming, as well. You will not need to be worried about what your children are generally seeing, even if you aren’t home.

When you have the programming package of your choosing, you are able to opt for a premium with film channels like HBO, STARZ, Showtime and Cinemax. It is possible to enjoy athletics channels like ESPN along with others which can provide the football, hockey and also soccer you crave. In the event that you won’t be home, it is possible to record your television shows, movies as well as sports to be able to have the programming you need, when you desire it.

Just set the DVR or HD-DVR and it is possible to record a whole season of shows or games, or perhaps a trilogy. After they happen to be recorded, you can keep them as long as you need to. It is possible to actually utilize the DVR features to go back, pause along with go forward through your own programming, letting you customize everything.

Your own cable provider delivers many internet programming options that are delivered by means of high-speed broadband internet. You’ll be able to watch your programming, network as well as socialize or perhaps pay your own bills online, all through a high-speed service that could get as fast as 105 Mbps. Use it upon your desktop or your tablet and you never have to concern yourself with being trapped within a single location again.

This high speed service includes the advantage of online security that could block viruses, spyware as well as trojans, among various other online threats. It additionally includes online Parental Controls so that your kids are certainly not viewing grownup material online. You can also make use of the Parental Controls to monitor activities and totally cut the web off on their devices, in the event you desire. You do not have to worry.

Your own cable provider can in addition give you a set rate calling plan that consists of local and long distance calling through the North American continent in addition calling functions. You’ll be able to in addition get calling rates for International calling which means you are not paying a fortune to talk to the ones you like.

These kinds of services could be had for a reduced rate if perhaps you decide to bundle them. Together with a bundled service package, you’re in a position to get the personalized home programming options you need, with the high-speed internet service you will need and the home phone service you need.

Bundles make it easy to pay for them along with simple to pay because you pay one bill, once a month for three services. Bundles make it simpler and also cheaper to get these types of services on a budget you can afford.

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Have You Seen The Latest Charter Cable Deals?

The best home services are ones that do not get in your way for one reason or another.  Too many service providers do not offer the necessary efficiency for having a fluid online experience, do not have clear phone quality, or have television that is difficult to access and maneuver.  With Charter Cable Deals you can finally enjoy watching Charter Cable TV whenever you want, accessing Charter Internet at any time or place in your house you please, and can use Charter Phone In-State at your leisure without any overages!

Just a few benefits of what Charter Cable Deals can do for your household, each of these services come with tons of features and extras to guarantee the best home entertainment of the century!

Perfect for individuals of all ages, Charter TV has so many options that literally everyone’s interests will be met.  With hundreds and hundreds of channels your kids will love the countless educational networks, and parents can feel at ease knowing their children are actually supplementing their education while being happily entertained.

Loads of other channels focus on specific topics with anything from channels dedicated to individual sports to a massive variety of news networks, music networks, sitcoms, movies, and more! Not everyone will always be able to watch what they want to live, but with the freely incorporated DVR you can now record anything, including HD selections, and save it in a database to access whenever you like.  Nobody has to miss anything they want to watch on live television ever again, guaranteeing a happy household by everyone’s standards.

Premium channels are included for movies and shows as well as for series and other exciting television events.  Charter Communications On Demand offers thousands of selections to be watched instantly whenever you like for exciting movies and series.  Get On Demand in HD and enjoy well over 900 of the most stunning visuals you have ever witnessed on television!

Parental controls make for an easy way to enforce all of your viewing rules upon your children without fail, 24/7, so that they never are exposed to what you do not want them to see.  Easy to set up, these controls are included free!

DSL is extremely slow when put next to Charter Internet online service.  This cable service allocation has more broadband than you could hope for which lets many people surf simultaneously without ever overloading your internet.  Enjoy discovering new videos to stream, watching your favorite shows online, watching movies, playing graphically advanced video games, and so much more without worrying if others are online to slow you down.

Charter Communications Internet’s insane speeds will never be compromised as you wander throughout your house thanks to an unyielding wireless connection that will remain as strong in the furthest corner as it is next to the router.  Enjoy relaxing in your bed before you go to sleep with any online activity of your choice, only made possible from Charter Internet!

If you are a sports fan then you will appreciate that Charter Internet incorporates FREE access to, the best source for live sports events in the world.  Whether you want to catch the world cup or an obscure tae kwon do match, enjoy it live and in high quality with this awesome resource.

Have you ever wanted to completely ignore all of the many telemarketers that plague your home phone?  With Charter Phone Unlimited you can do just that with the most advanced calling features like call waiting with caller ID, caller ID throughout your house, call screening, anonymous call rejection, and selective call acceptance.  Never so much as think about telemarketers again and enjoy your home phone for the first time in a long time.

With Charter Phone you also get amazing features that link your phone to the internet like the ability to check your voicemail online via email! You can even have any call you want forwarded to any number you want with call forwarding selective and variable. Do not miss that emergency call you are waiting for just because you are not home to pick up the phone with these and other amazing features only available from Charter Phone!

Some households dream of the day they can make phone calls without restrictions while other experience it as a reality.  Charter Phone Unlimited lets you make any call you want, local or long-distance, without you having extra charges tacked onto your phone bill.  The freedom to fit calling into your schedule is now yours with 24/7 calling access and no restrictions on how much your phone line is used!

This deal from Charter Communications is incredibly affordable, especially when you mix and match these services.  Whether you want all of them or just a couple, the choice is always yours because unlike other companies the customer always comes first!  Order your Charter package online now for the best savings opportunity.